This Saturday, I have decided to host a live, call-in podcast talkshow on my book-related podcast The Biblio File, Saturday February 6th at 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific (and 9 p.m. UK) time. The podcast will be devoted to a discussion of this week’s Amazon/Macmillan feud.

I have invited several guests, but I do not know whether any of them will desire or be able to attend, so I’m prepared to discuss my own point of view with all comers if it comes down to that. I will welcome as many different viewpoints as possible, but the show will be moderated to prevent anyone from getting out of hand.

You can attend or listen in several ways.

* Starting up to 15 minutes before the show, phone in to +1 724-444-7444 or via SIP voice-over-IP (with Gizmo 5 or another SIP client)  to 123@ When prompted for Call ID, enter 7022# and then enter 1# to join the show as a guest. (You can also create a free account, in which case you will enter your PIN (usually your phone number) then #, after entering the Call ID.)

* Create a free account and download the Java TalkShoe client. This will let you listen, call in via VOIP if you wish, and type along in the chat room that accompanies the podcast. You can type questions and we will try to address them, or request to speak “on the air” if you are phoned in.

* Listen and join in the chat room via a button that will appear on The Biblio File’s homepage starting 15 minutes before the show airs. Your browser will open a text chat window you can use to listen and follow along—or optionally you may listen without the chatroom.

I hope we will see you there—it should be an interesting time!


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