Laura Hazard Owen has a PaidContent post on a survey of the habits of over 1,100 “US Internet consumers” conducted by Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. Fully 23% of those surveyed own a Kindle-branded e-reader (which is really pretty impressive when you think about it). Perhaps more impressively, a July survey pegged Kindle owners at 12%, this means Kindle ownership has effectively doubled over the last 7 months.

The survey also indicated that e-reader owners purchase on average 2.4 books per month, and 24% said they’d bought five or more books in the last thirty days.

E-book reading is the most popular use of Kindle Fires, with 35% of owners saying they did it the most, followed by browsing the Internet and playing games (18% each), and using apps (15%). And 81% of Fire owners have bought digital products, 10% physical products, and 8% nothing.

Another interesting fact is that 79% of the respondents said that owning a Kindle Fire has caused them to buy more from Amazon. 21% said their purchase level stayed the same, and none said they had bought less since owning one.

Citi thinks that 30 million Kindle e-readers and 12 million Kindle Fires will be sold in 2012, and Amazon will sell $6.2 billion worth of e-books.


  1. In the last line of the article it says “and Amazon will sell $6.2 million worth of e-books.”

    Shouldn’t that be ‘billion’?

  2. Yup, that is what the aricle says…:
    c&p quote-
    And Citi estimates Amazon’s e-book sales at $6.2 billion this year, up 176 percent from 2011.

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