MacmillanAnything with an RFID Chip in it Will Have to Carry this Logo in Europe (GigaOM)
The logo is designed to make it clear to consumers when the goods they’re carrying contain an RFID smart chip, and to bring retailers and healthcare and banking companies out of a legal “gray zone” when it comes to data protection.

7 ‘Bookish’ Things You Missed at San Diego Comic Con (Book Riot)
If, like me, you had to live the San Diego Comic-Con experience vicariously through Twitter and YouTube, here’s a quick run-down of the bookish stuff you missed.

Douglas Preston: on Amazon, Hachette and Indie Authors (FutureBook)
“We’re not against Amazon. And we’re not for Hachette at all.”

Macmillan Makes Full Ebook Front-List Available to Libraries (Digital Book World)
Macmillan Publishers will be adding its full collection of frontlist eBooks to their public library e-lending pilot, it was announced today. It is the first time the company has made its catalog of eBooks published in the last twelve months available for lending in libraries.

Kindle Daily Deal: A Conflict of Interest (and others)


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