Counterpoint: Self-Published Authors are the Salvation of Literature (Good e-Reader)Morning Roundup
Yesterday, GoodEReader posted a viewpoint on the damage that self-published authors allegedly do to the state of literature, presumably just by existing. They apparently clog the virtual bookshelves of every online retailer with their mindless paranormal crap and their poorly edited spew. They cheapen the price of ebooks with their low-cost titles (“books” would be too generous a word to use here, according to some sources), driving the genuine, educated, hard-working authors who have been vetted by the mainstream publishing industry into obscurity.

Why Borrowing an eBook from Your Library is so Difficult (Digital Trends)
Four years in, borrowing an e-book from your local library is still a difficult and confusing process that varies wildly depending on what kind of e-reader or device you own. And once you finally figure out how to borrow a book, there are other frustrations.

Amazon Publishing Has First Million-Copy Hit (Forbes)
Amazon Publishing has its first million-copy selling author, the company announced today. The author is Oliver Pötzsch and his Hangman’s Daughter series has sold over a million copies of three titles between print, ebook and audio-book sales.

Linkedin Builds its Publishing Presence (New York Times)
In October, LinkedIn began offering its own content, called Influencers, which consists of a select group of people in leadership positions posting their musings on life, careers and the secrets of success in both. Suddenly, LinkedIn was filled with New Age chief executive talk.

Kindle Daily Deals: “4:50 from Paddington” by Agatha Christie (and 3 others)

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