KDP SelectThe Real Reason Why Adults Read YA Fiction (GoodeReader)A 2012 study found that 55% of all Young Adult fiction was purchased by adults and many journalists lately have been writing either for or against if adults should be consuming childrens and YA Fiction at the levels they are. The deeper question is why our culture encourages us to perpetually relive our teenage years.

What Happened When I left KDP Select (Nick Stephenson)
But I like to look at the cold, hard numbers before coming to a conclusion, as everybody’s mileage seems to vary.

You Can’t Break Copyright by Looking at Something Online, Europe’s Top Court Rules (GigaOM)
It may seem obvious, but it’s a ruling that puts to rest a genuine debate in Europe over the limits of copyright law.

With eBooks Still Pricey, Illinois Libraries Flex Their Marketing Muscle (Forbes)
The ALA sought public support over a dispute between libraries and Big 5 publishers in much the same way that Hachette Book Group is currently enlisting authors in its fight over book pricing with Amazon.

Kindle Daily Deal: Shine Shine Shine (and others)


  1. The Forbes story on the Illinois libraries is great news. I hope this is successful and spreads through other library networks.

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