Perseus GroupWhat’s Next for eBooks in Libraries? (Publishers Weekly)
Here’s the good news: when it comes to libraries and e-books, there’s been progress. All the major publishers are now participating in the library e-book market, and there are a number of competing platform providers in the space. The big question now is, can the library e-book experience meet users’ expectations?

Hachette to Acquire Perseus Group, Will Split it with Ingram (The Digital Reader)
Hachette has announced Tuesday night that they are acquiring Perseus Book Group.

Amazon Responds to German Anti-Trust Complaint, Says it Wants a Larger Commission on eBooks (GigaOM)
Amazon responded to the German Publishers and Booksellers Association’s antitrust complaint against it, saying it’s not delaying shipments on Bonnier titles but is instead holding fewer in stock. It also confirmed that it wants a larger commission on ebook sales.

Overdrive Unveils Pay-Per-Use Lending Model for Warner Brothers Movies (GoodeReader)
Overdrive unveiled their streaming video service last year and the service allows Canadian and US libraries to offer digital movies to their patrons. The company has just signed a distribution deal with Warner Brothers that will add hundreds of new titles to their catalog, but with a catch. Libraries no longer have to buy the titles in advance.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Prince of Tides (and others)

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