amazonThe DVR is Destroying my Reading Time (Book Riot)
I guess what I’m saying here is that I watch a lot of TV. This never used to be a problem as far as my reading time was concerned because I would read during commercials…

Chinese Digital Publishing Industry Valued at $56 Billion (GoodeReader)
The Chinese digital publishing industry is on the rise. Newspapers, magazines, comics and eBooks garnered 42 billion USD in 2012. This is a massive figure, but it only really accounted for 11.6% of the entire publishing industry.

So the Real Author’s Guild is…Amazon? (Joe Konrath)
Preston’s mypopia [sic] is apt to cause a lot of harm, which is why I’m glad to be one of the people who’s working to expose “Authors United” for all the qualities Preston is too blinkered to see.

What the Recording Industry Isn’t Saying About Canada’s Internet Streaming Royalties (Michael Geist)
The long-overdue decision seemingly paves the way for new online music services to enter the Canadian market, yet the industry is furious about rates it claims are among the worst in the world.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Last Life (and others)


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