amazonBook Rating Categories That Should Exist (Because Star Ratings are Useless) (Book Riot)
I need a more nuanced system to keep track of my thoughts on the books I have read. Here are some categories that I desperately need when rating books.

Is BuzzFeed’s Deletion of Articles an Ethical Lapse or the Growing Pains of a New-Media Entity? (GigaOM)
BuzzFeed has come under fire for deleting thousands of old articles, which founder Jonah Peretti says didn’t live up to the kinds of standards the site wants to adhere to now. Should the company be criticized for doing this because it’s a journalistic no-no, or congratulated for evolving?

Amazon’s Grandinetti: Agents, Publishers, Retailers Not ‘Really Necessary’ (Digital Book World)
In a profile in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Amazon senior vice president and head of Kindle content Russ Grandinetti was called possibly “the most influential person in publishing.”

Konrath’s Advice to Publishers (Joe Konrath)
Now I’m starting to believe that the ones with the real power are the ones who should have had the power since the beginning of publishing. The ones who create the content in the first place. The authors.

Kindle Daily Deal: River of Darkness (and others)


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