Thanks to Laurie J. Brooks.


  1. Has anyone made the argument that the agency model is driving down the DEVICE cost yet? The Kindle/ Nook price war started within months of the implementation of the agency model, and it’s hard to argue that its just a coincidence.

    For the average consumer (2 or fewer books a month), reading $10-$15 books on a $139 Kindle wifi (or free Kindle android/ Ipad app) is probably a better overall deal than reading $9.99 books on a $260 Kindle 2 (let alone a $399 Kindle 1).

    Do the publisher’s have someone eloquent enough to explain this? (And apologize to early-adopters, who end up, as usual, getting screwed).

  2. The prices of electronics are always going down no matter what.. except maybe for Apple devices 😛

    There’s no “agency model” with computers or LCD TVs, yet the prices today is only 1/n-th of what they used to be.

  3. In the clip, there was a comment made that the publishers state that there will be a bunch more online retailers coming by the end of the year.

    This simply confused me. Why would I want more sellers selling the same thing at the same price? How does that help me as a consumer. It doesn’t. The only way more sellers will improve the market is if there is actually competition by discounts or benefit membership programs. Look at how Fictionwise, once one of the best sites to purchase ebooks is now a useless second rate ebook seller.

  4. I am an early adopter and I don’t feel like I got screwed. The price I paid for my Kindle 1 was well worth it in that I got my money’s worth. It is irrelevant that the price went down. If I had waited for the lower price I would have been out several years of reading enjoyment. If you all feel this way, then don’t buy a Kindle, Nook or iPad because you will be able to get one down the road for a cheaper price. Of course you will find that on your death bed that you don’t have anything but a paper book to read because you will still be waiting.

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