image Oprah not only endorsed the Kindle, as expected, but also announced a discount offer allowing for $50 off the usual price of $359. The magic promo code, good until November 1, is OPRAHWINFREY. There’ll also be a discount on the novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

Suggestion, if your heart is set on a K machine and you want to help us: Try ordering through TeleRead (current link). One of the last ordering screens, associated with Order Summary, will ask: “Have any gift cards, gift certificates or promotional claim codes?” Key in OPRAHWINFREY.

Reminder: We continue to hope that Amazon will use a more open approach and, for example, let current or future Kindles read ePub natively.

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  1. Thanks to Mike Cane and Tracy Falbe for sharing interesting videos via Youtube and posting links here. Video reviews like Tracy Falbe’s help one to assess pragmatic issues like the speed of browsing at the Amazon store.

    The Amazon marketing videos have carefully selected illumination to make the Kindle look nice, but a candid video gives one a better sense of the true screen contrast.

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