Kindle Paperwhite available at WaterstonesThe Bookseller is reporting today that the European bookstore chain Waterstones will be offering the Kindle Paperwhite for sale—in-store—before the end of October.

This should come as welcome news to anyone based in Western Europe who’s been planing on buying a Paperwhite, but hasn’t actually placed an order for the device through Amazon. According to The Bookseller post, “ has told customers that orders placed today for the Paperwhite model would not be expected to ship until the week of [November 12] ‘due to popular demand’ [for the device].” According to a Waterstones rep, the standard Paperwhite model will be retailing in its stores for £109 (USD $175), while the Paperwhite model with Wi-Fi and 3G will be priced at £169 (USD $272).

Also, both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets will be available at Waterstones’ brick-and-mortar locations on October 25, “corresponding with the general UK release date,” the Bookseller reports. “The Fire and Fire HD will be sold for £129 [USD $208] and £159 [USD $256] respectively.”

[Click here to visit the Waterstones blog.]

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