kindle direct publishingI received an email yesterday from Kindle Direct Publishing about the new reports they’ve added. Gotta say, I like them.

They’ve added basically three. The first is a graph showing real time sales. You can filter by date, title and marketplace. This one addresses a long-standing need. I don’t actually care where my books are selling. I just like to see that they are selling and how many are selling. Previously, you had to select each marketplace separately to get an idea of sales during the current month. The new graph adds them all together, although with the filters, you can separate them if you want/need to.

They’ve also added a Royalties earned report which runs from the same period selected in the graph and breaks out royalties by marketplace. It’s both a quick way to see which countries your books are selling in and how much money you’ll receive.

The last report is a detailed royalty report, which again, you can generate for the same time period as the graph. This report downloads as an Excel spreadsheet and shows, by day, your exact sales for each title in each marketplace. I only have four books on sale, and my sales aren’t setting any records yet, so the report is easy enough to read. I would imagine it could be difficult to process when an author has lots of books and sales. A good problem to have, so I imagine the filtering will come in handy.

While I don’t sell many copies through Nook Press, I do like their dashboard. These new reports gives Kindle publishing everything I like about the Nook Press dashboard and more. More information in a better organization is always a good thing. Amazon, in my opinion, continues to be a great place, both for readers to buy books and for authors to sell them. It’s not enough to convince me to be exclusive, but it does give me more reasons to recommend them.