Obviously, I’m aware of the lack of a Kindle Store button in my Kindle for iOS app. However, I recently discovered the hoops Amazon is jumping through to avoid the possibility of paying the in-app purchase fee to Apple.

I was re-reading the fantastic book, Switch by Chip and Dan Heath (highly recommended), and they referenced another book which sounded interesting. I knew I’d not be able to look it up directly in the iPad app, but I thought I could sneak around the restrictions by highlighting the text and bringing up the Google search function in the app. Aha! Amazon link. Let’s click it.

No link to Amazon in Kindle app

Well, that was a big no.

Here’s the ironic part. See the third link down? The one to Barnes & Noble? That link works.

So how crazy is that? Because of Apple’s restrictions, I can buy a book from Amazon’s competitor but not from Amazon itself. Sigh. And this is good for consumers and business how?

Oh, nor can I opt to open the link in Safari and get around it that way. I think they’ve successfully anticipated every possible path I could come up with short of copying the link and pasting it into Safari, which is possible.

Amazon is thorough, that’s certain.