A question came up an older post yesterday about managing Collections on Kindle apps. I said I would do an article with directions and screen shots to answer the question, so here it is.

Collections are a feature I love on my Kindle and barely ever use in any other ereading device. For some reason having a clean Kindle screen is important to me, and I don’t care as much on other devices and in apps. However, Collections are a must-have feature for many people, and here’s how to set them up and manage them in the Kindle apps. While the screen shots are from my iPad, the process is basically the same in Kindle for Android.

Open the Kindle app and navigate to the Collections screen. In both versions, it’s available by tapping the Menu icon (which looks like three bars). That opens the side menu, and you select Collections view

2014-06-11 15.00.41

2014-06-11 15.00.45

Once you’re in Collections view, you can start to manage them. As you’ll see below, I already have some set up. You’ll notice most of them are empty. The empty ones contain books that are local to my Kindle and are not synced to the Cloud. Why the blank cover in “Reading?” Because that’s my Kindle Lending Library book for the month, which isn’t downloadable to a Kindle app.

2014-06-11 15.00.52

Collections in the Cloud are one of the things people either love or hate about Collections. I’d prefer to have Collections by device so I don’t have all those blank Collections in the app, which is why I seldom use Collections in the Kindle apps. I just download the book I’m currently reading and that’s about it.

Anyway, you create a new Collection by tapping the + on the top right of the screen, and you’ll get the option to name it.

2014-06-11 15.01.11

Once you touch Create, you’ll get a screen where you can add books. Of course, you can always add or delete later by opening the Collection and tapping the + button. (Note that the buttons are in slightly different places on Android but are still easy to find.)

2014-06-11 15.18.19

You’ll get this screen where you can scroll through to find books you want to add.

2014-06-11 15.17.49

The question that sparked this post was how to move books from “Unread” to “Read.” It’s simple. When you finish a book, long-press it, and you’ll get the option to remove from one collection and add to another. Obviously, you’ll have to add the book to your “Read” Collection before you remove it from “Unread,” but it’s straightforward. (Again, note that it will look a bit different in Android. Your options are in a bar across the top of the screen, but otherwise, it’s the same process.)

2014-06-11 15.01.48

Want to delete a Collection? Easy enough. Long press it, and you’ll get the option to do that. In the latest iOS update, Amazon added the option to download an entire collection. Let’s say you’ve created an “Unread” Collection on your Kindle or in another app. Since Collections are synced to the Cloud, you can download the entire Collection to a new device. Pretty cool, eh?

2014-06-11 15.02.11

That’s everything you need to know about creating and managing Collections in the Kindle apps. Go forth and organize your books!


    I have had my Kindle for iPad for two years, read almost every day, and never knew ANY of this!
    All I knew how to do was add a book I’d read to a collection. But I have too many collections, want to change the names of collections, etc. that’s how I found you today. . . . I knew there must be a way!

  2. How do I organize the books within a collection? For example, if I want to read the books in a particular order. Thank you.

  3. @Kathy, the only way would be to put them in the collection in the order you wanted to read them, which is hardly a perfect solution since it’s easy to accidentally open a book, which then moves it to the top of the collection. Sorry. Amazon doesn’t seem to have a mechanism for that/

  4. I loved collections for my ereaders. Cloud collections are worthless for any Fire with more than a small number of collections, or for very many books within a collection. Also worthless for anyone with less than excellent close vision.

    The collections themselves are in random order and are not sortable. Inside the collections each book is a tiny thumbnails with a title of approx the first dozen letters only in very tiny font. All books are in random order and there is no sort ability whatsoever. There is no way to see what collection a book is in. The add books feature displays a list of books in title order. No way to sort by recent to add newly bought books to collections.

    I have 24 genre collections originally created on my ereaders. Over 4,400 books. Some of my collections have many hundreds of books. Totally un-usable on my Fires.

    Here’s the really frustrating part.

    I have a HDX 7 that I prefer for reading. I use it just for reading and it has all my books downloaded.

    I have a Voyager for the sole purpose of managing collections. On my Voyager the cloud collections are fantastic. Text based and totally sortable both by collection titles and books within a collection. So it’s possible for the Fires too. Amazon though I’d prefer random colorful cover photos for the Fire instead of even just the option of text based workable collections.

  5. Once you have created a collection and moved books into that collection, those books still appear in the library. How do you remove them so they no longer appear on the library? Thank you.

  6. thanks for the great info I still have a problem with my kindle app for android it keeps removing books I have put in my collections I put them in but next time I open the collection up they have been taken out they are still in my kindle just have been removed from the collection …help

  7. The purpose of Collections is to help you find something to read. The question is, does it? It shows you what covers you have but, beyond that, not so much. Add to that the brain-dead idiocy of how Amazon has set this up — no filing by folder, no way to effectively manage the collections on a PC, etc. THEN add that it your collection becomes too large, like on an e-ink device, and not only is it unwieldy, the collection breaks; refusing to add more. The whole thing is a nightmare.

    So, what’s the point of saying this? The point is, there’s a better way. At least, for *me* there’s a better way, using the open-source Calibre program on your PC, which you probably already have. Select some books within the Calibre library that you’ve transferred to your device — Calibre shows you what those are –, right-click and select the convert option. There you’ll see a further option to create a catalog of those books.

    A Calibre catalog can include descriptions, titles, genre tags, other tags, authors, etc. Set it up how you want and Calibre will give you a catalog — cross-referenced by all of these things, of every book you have. In fact, it’ll generate an e-book of this for transferring to your device. Make a catalog of all books in a genre, for instance, and you can easily review a description of each book to find something to read AND keep track of your other notes in the Calibre database such as ratings, want-to-reads, etc.. Now stick all your catalogs into a collection and you’ll have an easily-searchable record of everything you’ve got. When it’s time to read something you’ve found, use the device’s search to find it. It’s easy, quick and — best of all — it works. MUCH, MUCH better than Amazon’s hare-brained solution.

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