Amazon is shortly going to push an over-the-air update to upgrade all Kindle Fire users from version 6.2.2 to version 6.3. The upgrades will include a number of performance improvements such as faster reconnection to wifi after the Fire has been asleep.

It will also be adding the ability to highlight and share passages from books that regular Kindle users already have, and an application called “Book Extras”, which will serve as a portal to Shelfari content about a book while reading it. It is also going to add the ability to buy print-replica textbooks, which precisely duplicate the textbook page format on the Fire’s screen. (Hopefully they’ll be able to zoom in, given that the Fire’s screen is a lot smaller than the average textbook.) And it will add the ability to sync personal documents via Whispersync.

It will also change the rental period for Amazon movies from beginning when they’re downloaded to beginning when the movie is played for the first time, and add a Readability-style reading view to Silk.


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  2. The above may be search-and-replace comment spam. Be wary of that link. You can find all the device-comparison info you need on well-known gadget and user sites.

  3. The 6.3 upgrade did really bad things for those who use Gmail in the web and not the email app. Amazon has been very quite but they are issued several work arounds to be able to use gmail on the web and see a key board

  4. mike,
    I use gmail daily on the Kindle Fire v6.3

    I use the offered basic-html mode rather than that heavy-loading standard mode though.

    I made a shortcut for the basic-html mode

    I’d like to know if that works better for you. It works really well for me on both Amazon’s basic web browser (‘Silk’) and on Dolphin web browser.

    – Andrys

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