In the last few days, Amazon has quietly dropped the price of its refurbished Kindle 3 models. The wi-fi-only ad-free version now sells at $99.99, and the 3G ad-free version at $129.99. That’s a price drop of $30 and $50, respectively. The wi-fi ad-supported Kindle is still $114 new, which means that refurb is starting to look a lot more attractive.

In June of last year, Amazon dropped the price of its refurbished Kindle 2s, and the Kindle 3 came out two months later. The time is just about right for the next iteration of the Kindle to be seen sometime in October—a little later than last year, but still in plenty of time for the holiday season.

But for those people who would find a Kindle 3 to be “good enough”, this is a pretty good time to buy. That price puts the refurbished Kindle in direct competition with those lesser-known e-readers such as Kobo that have used their lower price as a competitive advantage. I expect Amazon is just about to gain a new foothold in a lot more budget-conscious households.


  1. Hello

    Last January my wife with 7 western teachers organized a Teacher Capacity Building Workshop for 30 Moshi, Tanzania rural teachers. Teachers and Min of Ed were pleased with the results of this weeklong residential workshop.

    For next January another workshop is planned we would like to introduce technology for teachers off the electric grid.

    For 10 Kindle3s loaded with high school subject texts what would the cost be?

    The workshop is being sponsored by the US Friends of Tanzania NGO so a tax deduction is posible.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Tim Russell

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