Record your records!Amazon AutoRip

Amazon’s AutoRip functionality, which gives you a free digital copy of any CD you might buy, has now been extended to vinyl.

If you opt for an AutoRip-compatible vinyl record on Amazon, a digital file will instantly be added to your Amazon Cloud Player library. More impressive is that those who have purchased AutoRip compatible records since Amazon opened the gates to its music store in 1998 will find they now have a digital file waiting in their Cloud Player. All you need to do is look out for the AutoRip logo next to the record on Amazon’s website.

“It’s a fun experience to suddenly find CDs you purchased just today—or 15 years ago—added automatically and free of charge to your digital library. We’re thrilled to extend this experience to vinyl records,” said Steve Boom, Amazon’s vice-president of digital music. “Many of our music customers are vinyl fans and it’s traditionally been very difficult to make digital versions of vinyl records – now customers can enjoy the albums they buy wherever they are, not just when they have access to a record player.”

Source: Pocket-link

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