image Sony has sold 300,000 Sony Readers globally, according to the company as cited in Wall Street Journal.

Time for Amazon to come out of the shadows and tell us how many Kindles it’s sold? Forrester Research puts that at 400K, but we don’t know if the estimate is accurate.

Significantly, Sony has moved the 300K units without wireless capability to simplify the downloading of books—a wrinkle it will add in the near future. Then again, Sony sale have been global, while Amazon has officially offered the Kindle only within the United States.

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  1. Hi, Hadrien—many thanks for the info. Got a source re the 90 percent, or is it a very well informed guess? If the facts are right, that suggests that Sony is closer to the Kindle in sales count than many people would think. Happy holidays. David

  2. Let’s say that I’ve got a pretty well informed guess concerning sales in the UK and France…
    Keep in mind that the PRS-505 was launched in the UK in September and in France in November.

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