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As pop music legend Paul McCartney turns 70 this coming June 19th, Copia, the leading eReading platform and web site, is honoring the event with a gift to fans of the beloved Beatle. 

Starting Friday, June 15, McCartney fans will be able to visit  and download With the Beatles, the acclaimed memoir by Alistair Taylor, the former assistant to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and the only insider to work with the band from the very beginning to 1969.

“Paul McCartney is one of the greatest musical forces the world has ever known,” said Seth Kaufman, VP of Merchandising & Marketing at Copia Interactive. “We wanted to celebrate the day with something fun for readers and fans. Sharing this book by Alistair Taylor, who knew and loved Paul, isa great way to celebrate both the man and the band who mean so much to so many.”

Organized chronologically from his initial job interview with Brian Epstein to an unfortunate parting of ways with the band, Taylor’s book offers wonderful details, insider gossip, forceful opinions and delightful reminisces, including the tale of how a mellow evening with Paul begat “Hello-Goodbye.” 

McCartney and Beatles fans will be able to express and share their own comments about the book by using Copia’s unique annotation features, which allow readers to make notes on the book and share them with other readers of With the Beatles.   

The link to download With the Beatles is or   


  1. Jesus, what a clusterf*ck! VERY badly designed site; finally figured out how to “buy” the book… horrible, HORRIBLE desktop reader app… tried opening the epub in Blureader; nope. Kobo… no dice.

    If Copia is in fact “the leading eReading platform and web site”, the business is DOOMED.

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