We’ve written a bit about the Berlin-based startup Readmill in the past; here’s a Q&A-style interview we ran back in August 2012 with Henrik Berggren, the company’s über-ambitious founder. As we wrote in the introduction to that interview:

The easiest way to understand exactly what Readmill is and what exactly it can do for you is to watch the simple introductory video on the company’s homepage. To put it simply, though, Readmill is something like a social networking site for the sorts of readers who like to share what they’re reading, and who like to discover what their friends are reading, too.

The latest news from Readmill came to me last week in the form of an email from a company publicist, who tells me that at some point in the very near future (perhaps even this week), Readmill will be launching a new iPhone app which effectively turns your phone into an eReader, allowing you to read, annotate, discuss and discover books via your mobile.” I’m also told that the app will essentially synchronize “reading between your phone and your iPad,” and will enable various types of social connections and discussions between readers and authors.

To me, this is an app that sounds like it has the potential to be truly useful and fun, but of course it’s a bit too early for anyone to make those sorts of pronouncements, as the app technically doesn’t even exist yet. When and if I manage to learn more, I’ll post another brief update—hopefully with a screenshot or two attached.


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