From BoingBoing comes this tip, about another DRM-free e-book bundle available now from a site called Tomely.

I’ve never heard of these guys before, but it looks like a self-publishing site where you can upload an EPUB file and they’ll concert it to Mobi and do some other setting-up. They take 20 percent for their pains, and you keep the rest.

As for the bundle, they’re calling it “The Zeitgeisty Bundle,” and promising books about “startups, geekdom, and the strange side of the Internet.”

The included books are:

• These Days by Jack Cheng
• So Say the Waiters (episodes 1-5) by Justin Sirois
• Annabel Scheme by Robin Sloan
• Rontel by Sam Pink
• Lost at the Con by Bryan Young

If you pay more than $10, you can unlock four bonus books too:

• Treknology by Justin McLaughlin
• Man Against the Future by Bryan Young
• Enough by Patrick Rhone
• How to Do Things With Videogames by Ian Bogost

I don’t know much about any of these books, but they are DRM-free, so if ‘zeitgeisty’ stuff is your thing, enjoy!

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