That’s according to a survey reported on in a Cnet article:

… a recent survey conducted by Robert W. Baird. The study found that out of more than 1,100 potential tablet purchasers, an overwhelming 94.5 percent cited the iPad as a device of interest. Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad was the second most-cited device, garnering just 10.3 percent of the people surveyed, while Research in Motion’s PlayBook was a laggard.

The study suggests that despite a number of new entrants jumping into the tablet fray, few have made a dent in either market share or consumer awareness. That doesn’t bode well for the wave of consumer electronic and handset manufacturers who spent have millions of dollars on research and development, marketing, and in HP’s case, a multibillion-dollar acquisition, all in the search for a new source of growth.

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  1. it is well known that to have/use an ipad securely, one must also have a computer to sync with. are any of the other tablets ‘out there’ a laptop substitute? if so, they should be telling us that up-front. i will have ipod touches for as long as they exist, but do not want an ipad; and my next phone will run on one of the android os’s. i will never go ‘all in’ with one mfr. in my device landscape.

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