If you happen to have a child in the house who can’t stop talking about Halloween, you might consider taking a tip from parenting blogger Jenn Savedge; over on the Mother Nature Network, she’s compiled a decent (if brief) list of Halloween-themed e-books for kids. Even better: One Two of the books are free.

Here’s the list, along with a brief description for each book:

Even Monsters Get Sick by Michael Bruza
Produced by Busy Bee Studios, this 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner is technically a mobile app. It’s also fully interactive, allowing your child to interact with a boy named Harry, as he struggles to discover what’s wrong with his new pet monster, Zub. (Free $1.99 on iTunes.)

Count Dagmar by J.otto Seibold
This interactive e-book from Chronicle Books was illustrated by the same creative mind responsible for the super-popular Olive, the Other Reindeer, which has since been turned into a TV movie. Count Dagmar, meanwhile, is a vegetarian vampire who needs readers to help him get ready for a party by counting fuzzy bats, goofy ghosts, friendly monsters and the like. ($6.99 on iTunes.) (Click here to read an interview with J.otto Seibold and his collaborator, Siobhan Vivian.)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
What better time than Halloween to introduce your child to this classic story about a headless horseman? This edition was published by Cricket House Books, which offers dozens of classics in e-book form. ($0.99 on iTunes.)

13 on Halloween13 on Halloween by Laura A.H. Elliott
If you’re looking for a Halloween-themed e-book aimed at a slightly older audience, take a look at this tale about Roxie—a typical 12-year-old girl who wishes she were more popular. When that wish comes true on Halloween, however, Roxie learns that being a “peacock” isn’t as fun as she though it would be. (Free on iTunes.)

Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino
Published by Zuuka, this interactive children’s picture book features read-to-me audio and hands-on animations (some of which are hidden, Easter egg-style). This one’s perfect for toddlers. ($5.99 on iTunes.)

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